• QT459DE


Zero Haogen,
High Electronic Reliability
Zero Haogen,
High Electronic Reliability 


Temperature  :
25 ± 2 ℃
Humidity  :
50 ± 10% RH
Instrument  :
Oxygen Bomb ion chromatography
Calibration  :
0.5, 1, 3, 5 ppm
Result  :
F = N.D., Cl = N.D., Br = N.D.
Total  :


QT459DE is a No-clean & Halogen-free paste flux specifically designed for optimal characteristics in virtually any SMT application.

 Provides consistent stencil release and repeatable print volumes for fine-pitch applications.

 QT459DE offers high humidity tolerance and a chemistry developed for use in air reflow.

 The results of the reliability tests indicate that solder paste meets the requirements of IPC J-STD-004.