Automotive Electronics

Dyfenco provide a full range of product line to support fast-growing automotive market and compliance with IATF 16949.
In the automotive industry, solder material must meet extremely high requirements, as a Tier 1 suppliers, Dyfenco has developed a series of high-reliability product, especially under extreme-temperature thermal cycling and high-temperature operation for automotive electronics applications purpose.

To create automotive businesses and achieve higher consistency quality guarantee, the activities of Dyfenco, MORE Laboratory are focused on: new automotive technologies, PCBA reliability analysis, finding solutions that meet and anticipate market demands.
Lighting LED
Solder Paste


Low-Voiding Solder Paste
DWQ401 is specially formulated to solve voiding issue, and minimized potential defects. With its unique material composition DWQ401 offers a consistently high anti-oxidation performance and is perfectly suited for automotive application. .


High-Performance Solder Paste
A halogen-free, no-clean lead-free solder paste that enables customers to quickly and efficiently meet major trends in the automotive and transportation industries
Solder Wire


High Electronic Reliability Solder Wire
- Halogen-Free, offers a consistently high surface resistance (SIR) that prevents the risks of electrochemical migration.
- Zero Halogen-Free, specification lower than JEITA ET-7304 requirement.
- Suitable for use in high electronic reliability demanded industry (Automotive, Mobile devices..)
- Low residues formation, clear non-tacky.
- Shiny solder appearance joint.
- Suitable for automatic soldering.



Halogen free, Low solid Liquid Flux
Special halogen free flux is our high technical product, developed in compliance to international standards for electronic assemblies. ZHF-7600 flux has superior activators for the perfect wetting of soldered surface and component leads on the PCBs. It provided very low bridging on bottom side QFP’s with 144-168 leads as well as good hole-fill and solderballing. ZHF-7600 provides good lead-free solder joint appearance with an uniform spread, tackless residues.


Rosin Free, Low solid Liquid Flux
Formulated with proprietary activator system with adequate percentage of rosin for improving thermal stability. It performed the broadest process window with low defects rate. K500 performance assure you trouble free compliance with new environmental regulations.


Hyper-Reliable Liquid Flux

Guaranteed for its incomparable long-term reliability without compromising any soldering performance. It is specially designed not only for high-demanding EMS but also to avoid all potential flux defects after long-term electronics service including green cooper-corrosion, copper wire dissolution, white residue precipitation, leading to electric device failure.