Sti® High Reliability Material

Compliant with IATF16949 Automotive Standards High Reliability Assembly Material New Sti® for Automotive Electronics
In order to meet high requirement of electronic assemblies in the automotive and high power LEDs industry, Sti® a new solder alloy with better thermal and mechanical reliability than typical SAC305 or SAC405.
Full range of Sti® High-Reliability Assembly Material
SMT Fine pitch Application (Reflow Soldering) • DWQ401 (No - Clean, Low voiding) solder paste
• QT459DE (Halogen Free) solder paste
• PN436 (No - Clean) solder paste
SMT Ultra Fine pitch Application (Reflow Soldering) • QT459UF (Halogen Free) solder paste
Wave Soldering Application • Sti® High Reliability solder bar
• Sti® High Reliability solid feeder wire.
Key Benefits of Sti®
Improved reliability for apply in harsh conditions, particularly in automotive industry. Good creep resistance properties in high operating temperature in the range of 150~175 °C Excellent thermal cycling
Automotive Industry Standards And Certification
Dyfenco brings a broad array of technology solutions and applications to support the growing demand for automobiles and the need to stay competitive.
- IATF16949 Dyfenco is compliant with IATF16949 automotive standards ensure the manufacturing of safe and reliable products, which are produced and continually improved to meet or exceed customer and regulatory authority requirements.
- ISO 9001 Dyfenco is compliant with ISO9001 (QMS- Quality Management System) makes a great deal of sense for automotive companies looking to demonstrate improvement in customer satisfaction, operating costs, stakeholder relationships, legal compliance, risk management, business credentials and attracting new business.
- Reliability Dyfenco’s capable engineering team develops total solution and support clients’ requirement to meet SAE/ISO/JASO Vehicle Standards
Comparison Between Consumer And Automotive Electronics
Parameter Consumer Automotive
Operating Temp. 0oC/-65oc ~ +60oc/+150oc -40oC/-65oc -+85oc/+175oc
Operaon Life Time 1 ~ 3years Up to years
Tolerable Failure Rates < 10% Target: 0%
Humidity 30 ~ 85% 0~100%
TC (Temp. Cycle / Shock) Low High(*) per JEDS22-A104
PTC Low High(*) per JEDS22-A104
Vibration Low High
Shock Low High
EMI Not required Worse
ATE Temp. (Automated Test Equipment) Not required Low/Room/High
Production Monitoring Not required Yes