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We provided new alloy development service to help customer new alloy requirements. Our service from new alloy compoisition design、the characteristics (mechanical、electrical) of new alloy to PCBA reliability analysis.

The main trend lead-free alloy Sn/Ag/Cu and Sn/Cu have higher melting point than traditional Sn63/37 alloy, consequently
caused high potential damage risk of the PCBA and components. Dyfenco provides professional technical support to help
customer lead-free production line with the best practice operation and high yield control.
  • Recommended the most suitable solder alloy for customer production line.
  • Failure analysis new process development assistance.
  • Trouble shooting for mass production

To ensure impurity of customer solder bath alloys in good condition, we offer solder piece analysis service to help customer maintain the bath alloy.  We control following critical impurity:
  1. Pb、Cd heavy metal control
    Pb <1,000ppm, Cd<20ppm to meet green electronics standard and RoHS standard.
  2. Cu impurity control
    Recommended Cu weight % <1%
    The source of Cu dissolution mainly came from PCB and components. (A data shown that solder both temperature is increased by 3℃ when Cu 0.1% wt dissolution), it formed IMC (Cu6Sn5 gravity 8.28, m/p 415℃). The higher Cu content bring with slow fluidity of solder bath and it may cause those possible solder defects during wave solder process.

To help customer build up environment managing system and reduce the impact on environment, we offer service to help customer solder bath impurity maintain and solder dross recycling and recovery service.