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HiQ® No-Clean series flux with the new activation formula is for the lead free soldering process and reliability requirement. The new activator system provides high level of long-term electrical reliability and broadest operation window for various electronics assembly industrial.
Additionally, it provides professional technical support to those special quality requirement assembly industries:
-Soldering for the high sensitive humidity and high SIR requirements.
-Soldering for high density QFP assembly.
-Soldering for ENTEK assembly.
All of HiQ® flux meet to international environment protection rules and has complied with the RoHS directive.
Solid Content
No-CleanK86000.805 ± 0.0056 ± 0.5High Density QFP Multi-Layer Boards Assembly
 K83530.795 ± 0.0053.5 ± 0.5Designed for Bare Copper Boards (ENTEK) Assembly
 K827PT0.800 ± 0.0053.0 ± 0.5Halide Free, Low solid content
 K84180.795 ± 0.0054.0 ± 0.5Halide Free, Low solid content rosin based flux
 LF9700.800 ± 0.0057.3 ± 0.5Soldering for the high sensitive humidity
and high SIR requirement
 LF970N0.800 ± 0.0057.5 ± 0.5LF970N is resin contented full dulling flux that added
refined purity resin and special organic activators.
It provides excellent spreading and leaves low level
of non-sticky residues on the PCB surface after wave
soldering process.
 LF5000.792 ± 0.0052.2 ± 0.5Low solid-containing Alcohol based flux