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HiQ® High Purity Electroplating Anodes
HiQ® electroplating anodes are manufactured from high purity virgin Tin ingot that removes sludge and reduces melted oxides to minimum, also refined structure of metal grain size. This outstanding production system makes anodes with excellent dissolution and very low defects.
HiQ® electroplating anodes product line covering:
(1)Plating Anode ball(available in various dimension, including full ball, half ball)
- Half ball Dia.Available:25mm,22mm,20mm,18mm / Dia Tolerance:±3mm
- Full ball Dia.Available:25mm,15mm / Dia Tolerance:±1mm
(2)Extruded plating anodes(offer a variety of shapes, including Hexagon, Fluted and Stellar with customers’desired length.)